Our affiliate program provides numerous benefits
We offer an exceptional affiliate program that brings with it numerous advantages.

You can become an affiliate and take advantage of our program even without making a deposit.

For each purchase made by a user referred by you,you will receive a generous referral reward of up to 3%.

We provide instant payouts of referral rewards in cryptocurrency,which are credited to your account balance.

There are no limits to the number of referrals you can bring in,so your earning potential is boundless.
How Does It Work?
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Sign up and get a referral link.
Invite New Users
Invite your friends use referral link.
Purchase Packages
Referrals purchase packages.
Earn Commissions
New user signs up and purchase. You get 3% off their purchase order.
Join Us
Join our partners and become the company's agent. As long as you recommend effective users to recharge and invest, you can earn lifetime commission rewards of up to 3%-4% of the effective user's investment amount without recharging.
For example:
A recommends B to recharge and invest. If B invests US$100, A can earn a 3% (US$3) reward.
B recommends C to recharge and invest. If C invests US$100, B can get a 3% (US$3) reward, and A can get a 1% (US$1) reward.
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